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John J. Byrne Community Center | UNIONDALE

We believe it is essential to the well-being of communities, to provide spaces and support facilities for children, youth, and families. Communities that have clean, well-kept public spaces where activities and programs are available to the residents foster a spirit of community engagement across all individuals and groups. John J. Byrne Community Center was formed to fill that need in the Uniondale School District of Long Island, New York.

Located in the hamlet of Uniondale near the Nassau Hub, the John J. Byrne Community Center is making advances in our mission to enhance the lives of all those who live and work here.  Our aim is to be a central axis of activity for community organizations providing family services and programs for children, youth and members of our "golden age" population.

With limited facilities as we currently have, our expansion goals include building an edifice with the ability to provide a diverse variety of programs and services in a modern state-of-the-art physical structure that fulfills a long-held community vision; which we are actively seeking to fund.

The realization of this quixotic quest will, not only be the ultimate tribute to the one who showed us the way, and after whom our organization was re-named, the late Monsignor John J. Byrne but will also continue to change the lives and aspirations of many of our residents.