L'dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum






Jule of the Orient

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Skincare!

Over the past 8 years, L’dara scientists have invested over $5.5 million dollars researching the powerful superfruit from Asia, the goji berry, discovering its significant benefits for the skin. L’dara is the only company that utilizes LBP-5 Complex®, our patent-pending age-defying compound derived from the miraculous goji berry.

Your skin will take on a more youthful and radiant appearance as you begin to experience L’dara’s clinically demonstrated improvements in radiance, tone, texture, moisturization and, most dramatically, in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And you will continue to see more and more improvements the longer you use L’dara.


Jiaogulan "The Immortality Herb".


Because of its versatility to promote health and longevity, jiaogulan has become renowned throughout China as the “Immortality Herb.” Over the past three decades, more than 300 scientific papers on jiaogulan have been published in respected journals. These research studies have identified gypenoside saponins as the bioactive principles responsible for most of jiaogulan’s wide-ranging benefits, although the plant contains a wealth of other important compounds as well.

Jiaogulan has been shown to:

  • Provide superior adaptogenic support to keep the body in balance
  • Maintain normal, healthy immune function
  • Act as a powerful antioxidant
  • Fight against the effects of aging
  • Enhance physical and mental energy


Wellness Tea






The Opportunity

   Start a L'dara Home Based Skincare Business

A New Standard in Wellness Tea Quality

Because of a lack of quality standards for tea production, L'dara® has developed the industry’s highest standard of excellence for wellness teas, which we have branded as Certified Wellness Grade™ or CWG™. Developed with the cooperation of experts in dietary supplement formulation, agricultural science, tea production and food safety, CWG is a comprehensive process that monitors, tests and verifies tea quality - from field to cup.

L'dara's CWG trademark represents our commitment to bring you 100% pure, safe, natural, and authentic ingredients, picked at their peak, so that you may enjoy consistently delicious taste, aroma, and wellness benefits in every cup.