Creating Your Legacy

The simplest way to leave your mark in our community is by including us in your estate plans, either in your will or trust. A bequest does not take away from your assets or cash flow during your lifetime, and it is deductible for federal estate tax purposes. As an organization destined to be a structural hallmark that will affect the lives of a broad spectrum of our community and beyond through its programming your legacy giving will guarantee you receive the notice you deserve.

We celebrate our major donors through a variety of naming rights vehicles. We have established various ways to recognize our donors at different levels of giving, and are open to working with our donors to customize other methods of recognition to meet your preferences. Contact us to begin a conversation to creating your legacy today.

Suggestions for creating your legacy may include:

Note: The language we recommend using for your will may be found here.



Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Consider The Value in Giving® with a donor-advised fund to benefit
Uniondale Neighborhood Center, Inc.

Partnering with Vanguard Charitable, tax-exempt nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive endowment gifts, as grantees. Vanguard Charitable offers a solution for philanthropists who want to be strategic with their granting.

Set up recurring grants. Contribute securities, mutual funds or personal assets, which are liquidated by Vanguard Charitable. Establish a succession plan, such as an endowed grant.

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, you may accomplish your legacy-giving by opening an account with an initial $25,000 deposit with Vanguard Charitable, and then designating a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, such as Uniondale Neighborhood Center, Inc as the grantee.

Contribute and deduct

You contribute to a philanthropic account and take an immediate tax deduction with an initial $25,000 deposit. 

Select and invest

You select investment options, and we invest the assets; proceeds grow tax-free.

Recommend and issue

You recommend a grant. We conduct due diligence and issue the check.  

Establish a legacy

You craft a succession plan to establish your legacy of giving.


Contribute and Deduct

Select and Invest

Recommend and Issue

Establish a Legacy




Give to charity strategically

At Vanguard Charitable, they offer philanthropic accounts, to help individuals fulfill charitable missions that reflect the people and causes we care about most, and together, they support thousands of nonprofit organizations, like us every year.

They make it easier to manage charitable donations by alleviating the administrative burdens and time it requires to invest assets, conduct charity "due diligence" and issue grants. Their philanthropic accounts reduce work and streamline costs on our end without sacrificing charitable impact-- in four simple steps.



Foster corporate philanthropy

A growing number of companies are integrating corporate citizenship into their overall business strategy. While their reasons for participating in corporate philanthropy may vary, these companies understand that "giving back" is vital to maintaining a positive impression with customers and employees.

A giving solution

With more than $200 million in assets in their corporate services program, Vanguard Charitable is one of the leading nonprofit organizations to offer companies both a unique benefit for their executives and a convenient, flexible way to fulfill their corporate philanthropy goals. With their help, you can support your community and business initiatives, while rewarding key employees with favorable access to their philanthropic accounts.




As a national donor-advised fund we work with a broad base of donors, including many mid-to-large-size companies, and together we consolidate, accrue and grant assets to charity.


Donate Now

A dream of mammoth proportions for our community that involves the construction of a proposed $25,000,000, 45,000 square foot, two and a half story state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facility. 

We intend to raise the funds necessary to accomplish this primary task through a combination of funding options for which we need your help, as individuals and corporations.


Here, at John J. Byrne Community Center, we feel that no public good should go unnoticed, and while we regularly freely pay homage to our community leaders, we are always especially enthusiastic to pay public recognition for the financial support we receive.

How do we recognize you?

Therefore, it only follows that we pay special public (optional) recognition, and in a variety of ways for the level of your financial support! 


The funding options include:

Naming Rights to the Building, its Components, and Amenities at various levels.

Donor Appreciation Tree of Life, displaying the Names, In Memorium, Tributes, and Honors of those who have generously contributed at certain levels.

Donor Wall, displaying the Names, In Memorium, Tributes, and Honors of those who have contributed at certain levels.

You benefit, as an individual or corporation by the applicable Tax-Benefits, Brand-Awareness, Fan Loyalty, Free Advertising and other benefits that may accrue as a result.




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