It should come as no surprise that we squarely positioned to operate programs of our own. While our preference is to support the programs of other institutions, we feel it is incumbent on us to be ready to fill any program gaps or vacuums that exist in meeting the needs of our community. Where there is a need, and the resources are available we may develop programs that we feel are not competing with our "partners."


Agencies serving children, youth and families may find a welcoming home at John J. Byrne Community Center, where a wide range of programs and services are possible. We provide the space, maintenance, and upkeep, where partnering agencies are individually empowered to fulfill their mission. By taking away the distractions of upkeep and maintenance, the companies can and will do much better pursuing their core mission.


We are a "COMMUNITY-CENTERED" organization. We are flattered when you chose us to host your seminars, classes, and events. And we encourage you to use us as a conduit to share your information to the public whenever appropriate.

Helping Us Serve

Our services are available to all community organizations wishing to serve residents in the demographics we represent. Groups are encouraged to contact us about or submit proposals to "partner" in serving our community.